Amanda is back for another segment of “The Girls’ Room,” a sketch on “The Amanda Show” where she plays an extremely popular high school teen named Amber. She’s also joined by Sheila, Tammy, and Debbie, and they’re here to talk politics! Just what you were looking for more of in 2016.

That’s right, in this throwback skit Amber is running for President of her high school, despite choosing some questionable advisors for her campaign. Debbie keeps yelling out random sentences, Sheila keeps throwing shade everywhere, and Tammy keeps reminding the audience she’s from Tennessee.

Despite these curious choices, Amber managed to create buttons, posters, and一well一hammers. Debbie decided to get hammers instead of candy, and also decided to inscribe “Happy Hanukkah” on them for Amber’s campaign slogan. Nice try Debbie, but that’ not quite on-brand.

Things take an unexpected turn after classmate Caroline waltzes into the room and tells everyone she’s undecided in the upcoming election. Sheila knows just what to do, and proceeds to give Caroline a swirly in one of the middle stalls.

Moving right along, it’s revealed that Amber’s competition is Danielle Spencer, who Tammy believes is “unqualified and unattractive.” Right as they start to gossip, Danielle herself walks into the room.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem phased by the gossip, instead choosing to reveal someone named Jamie Bradford recently entered the race as well. Amber immediately orders Sheila to find this girl and bring her to the Girls’ Room, but something unexpected happens when she does.

Check out the shocking conclusion in the video above!

The Amanda Show” is an American live-action sketch comedy and variety show, which aired on Nickelodeon for three seasons, from 1999 to 2002. “The Amanda Show” starred Amanda Bynes and was created and produced by Dan Schneider. (Dan Schneider is an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.) Moody’s Point” was a recurring segment on the show. Dan Schneider.  Production company Schneider’s Bakery produced about 7 or 8 short episodes of Moody’s Point within “The Amanda Show.

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