Moody’s Point” was arguably the biggest fan-favorite from “The Amanda Show.” Skewering teen dramas like “Dawson’s Creek” with its smart satire, the sketch portrayed a young teen named Moody who lived up to her name in every way imaginable.

Though the over-the-top drama made for great laughs, from time to time it also portrayed those pesky teenage feelings all of us have had from time to time, even as adults.

Here are six of the most relatable moments from “Moody’s Point.”

When Moody verbalized our internal anguish:

Moody on blog

Whether our souls are teenaged, adult or middle-aged, it often seems like no one understands us. Except maybe Sternum, who is observed reading “Chicken Soup for the Tortured Teenage Soul.”

Moodys Tortured Teenage Soul on blog

When Moody’s dad explained parties in a nutshell:

DanWarp Moodys Point blog Dan schneider

In other words, parties are really confusing and it’s tough to get out of them.

When medical science failed Moody:

When medical science failed moody on dan schneider blog

It just goes to show that medical training isn’t good for everything. The world’s best nurse can’t fix a bad grade on a test, or a broken heart, for example.

When Moody’s dad showed us that life isn’t always what it seems:

Moodys dad on dan schneider nickelodeon blog

In other words… if you expected that cat to have biscuits just because she’s in the oven, you’d be wrong. It’s a classic case of finding the wrong thing in the right place. Alternatively, the lesson may be that the wisdom of fathers doesn’t hold up to scrutiny!

When Misty described our crappiest moments:

Misty on Dan schneider 90s blog

Basically every Monday at school or at work, and sometimes Tuesday through Friday, too.

When Moody’s mom was stuck in a rut:

Moodys mom hot air balloon on dan schneider 90s blog

OK, so maybe we haven’t had this particular experience like Moody’s mom, but the cry for help that falls on deaf ears is pretty relatable. “Hot air balloon” could be code for “a friend I’m having trouble with” “math class” “traffic” or “the internet.”

Speaking of which, maybe it’s time to get some fresh air. But maybe stay away from hot air balloons, you know, just in case.

The Amanda Show” is an American live-action sketch comedy and variety show, which aired on Nickelodeon for three seasons, from 1999 to 2002. “The Amanda Show” starred Amanda Bynes and was created and produced by Dan Schneider.  Moody’s Point” was a recurring segment on the show. Production company, Schneider’s Bakery produced about 7 or 8 short episodes of Moody’s Point within “The Amanda Show.

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