Kenan Thompson has literally had us shooting milk out of our noses for decades.  Do doesn’t break into a smile when they think about Pierre S. Cargot, chocolate-loving chef Randy, or cranky old man Mavis? Kenan’s star has been shining since he was a kid, and it comes to no surprise that he’s killed it on “Saturday Night Live.”

Steve Harvey

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Kenan brings the “Family Feud” host to new levels of absurdity every time he puts on that giants mustache. It’s hard to pick a favorite Kenan-as-Steve moment, but we’re especially partial to the “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” parody where he was stumped by the Icelandic language, as seen above.

Che’s Neighbor Willie

Che’s Neighbor Willie Dan Schneider DanWarp blog

Michael Che’s childhood neighbor Willie, played by Kenan, stops by “Weekend Update” from time to time to reminisce about his horrific past in the most cheerful manner possible. Kenan’s Willie is so cute, his dark stories would sound just as cute if you didn’t understand English.

Diondre Cole

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Kenan plays Diondre Cole, the host of a BET show called “What Up With That?” The hilarious segment, which first aired in 2009, is basically just Kenan singing the show’s amazing theme song nonstop, even cutting off the guests to break into song.

Oscar Rogers, Financial Expert

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On “Weekend Update,” Kenan also appears as Oscar Rogers, a bespeckled financial expert whose advice is pretty straight forward. Take the problem and “FIX IT.” His intensity makes us wish all our money problems could be solved this simply.

Capitol Hill Bill

Capitol Hill Bill

Okay, so Kenan only plays this character once but it’s hilarious nonetheless. Kenan kills it in a “School House Rock” spoof, playing a bill that just can’t make it to Capitol Hill thanks to a gridlocked Congress. Unfortunately, President Obama pushes poor Kenan-Bill down the steps three times in favor of the low-energy executive order, played by Bobby Moynihan.

Kenan & Kel” is an American teen comedy sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons, premiering in 1996. “Kenan & Kel” starred Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as its titular characters. The show was created by Kim Bass and produced by Dan Schneider. Dan Schneider is an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.

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