Amanda Bynes’ classic “All That” segment, “Ask Ashley,” featured the then-10 year old giving advice to some, well, seriously troubled letter writers. Shouting at the top of one’s lungs might not be the best way to share wisdom, it sure made for great entertainment! And no matter how silly the questions asked were, we always found her advice pretty inspired. Even if it earned the camera person a smack on the head.

So here is the best advice given by Ask Ashley (Thaaaaat’s me!). May you never need it!


One letter writer expressed ire when her mom made her sandwich with the peanut butter and jelly on the wrong pieces of bread. Ashley immediately spots the flawed logic here, as simply turning the sandwich over would reverse which slice is which!

This might be more instructive than you think if you replace sandwich with pillow, and you find yourself warm at night. Turn the stinkin’ pillow over and you’ll be super cool.


When a letter writer expresses worry about breaking her legs after jumping out the window of her second-story bedroom, and wonders how to avoid such injuries when leaving the house, Ashley is not having this nonsense. “Take the stairs, Einstein!” she bellows.

This is actually pretty good advice for anyone: jumping out of the window is a recipe for disaster. FYI. If you didn’t know.


A very smelly letter-writer named Eugene is upset when he gets dirtier every day— so dirty, in fact, that his own grandmother can’t stand it! Ashley’s advice? You guessed it: take a bath, for Pete’s sake, Eugene!

This may seem like common sense, and that’s because it totally is. But even those of us that bathe regularly can impart wisdom from this advice, as bathtime can be a really relaxing way to stay clean and unwind after a stressful day.


A very thirsty letter writer named Emily seeks Ashley’s advice because, well, she’s thirsty and has been for weeks. No word on how she survived to tell the tale, but Ashley has fool-proof answerhydration! and some other choice words for the “dry-mouthed weirdo.”


When Reggie writes Ashley about an uncooperative pet fish, Ashley is (as usual) flabbergasted at his stupidity: he’s been trying to take his goldfish for a walk! “Fish got no feet!” she screams, “and you got no brain!”

Low blow? Maybe, but Reggie should have definitely known better. And for all of you out there with an uncooperative pet, friend, or partner, take note: forcing someone or something to do something they are not capable of is just not right! Sometimes the best place for a fish is in the water where it belongs.

Thanks for the stellar advice, Ashley! What would we do without you?

The Amanda Show” is an American live-action sketch comedy and variety show, which aired on Nickelodeon for three seasons, from 1999 to 2002. “The Amanda Show” starred Amanda Bynes and was created and produced by Dan Schneider. (Dan Schneider is an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.) Moody’s Point” was a recurring segment on the show. Dan Schneider.  Production company Schneider’s Bakery produced about 7 or 8 short episodes of Moody’s Point within “The Amanda Show.

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